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I Relinquish My White Priviledge

The greatest and most significant act I can take today, as a 70 year old white male, as a citizen, a parent, a grandparent, a friend, an educator and an education advocate is this: I strive to relinquish my white priviledge.

I believed that I was suitably enlightened regarding issues of racial intolerance and inequality. Afterall, I had a nearly four decade career as a public educator who advocated for the opportunity of all students. After all, I was an individual that worked to secure equal opportunity and liberty for everyone. After all, I prided myself in having an open and nonjudgemental heart. After all, I was an individual that claimed, and believed, and still believes, that I am not racist.

But, I'm a learner. As a learner, I'm beginning to comprehend that not being a racist was not enough.

I, you, we . . . must understand how to be anti-racist.

The past two weeks of unrest have taught me that silence equals compliance, that we must move toward the issue of racism in our country, rather than deflecting any respnsibillity for what is happening by conscious acts of inaction.

I am eager to a part of the solution. Our history, and our future, is standing on our shoulders.

I ask my brothers and sisters of experience to guide me. How?

I am an eager learner.

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