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What If?

Last week's post, 20/20 in 2020, was one of promise. It seized on the opportunity to make some powerful and meaningful improvements to public education: opportunities unique to the advent of a new year and a new decade. I called for a commitment to visionary leadership, leadership that dared to embrace the challenges before us, rather than focused on what has occurred in the past. I advocated (and still do) for a bold, dynamic brand of leadership; rooted in integrity and purpose, while less inclined to be influenced by politics, or funding, or perception. Focused instead on what's best for children? What is The Education Kids Deserve?

What if we were bold enough, audacious enough to conjure the possibilities without the constraints of circumstance? What if we created a vision of possibility, one that influenced reality rather than catered to it? What if we really placed the educational needs of America's children at the head of the line, not as a convenient sideline of our collective interest? It's said that we invest in what we value. What if we valued the present and future welfare of our children above all else?

What if we put our "money where our (proverbial) mouth is?"

We are skilled at finding reasons to avoid doing things. Often, these are things that are important, but we find refuge in the distractions that inevitably reside along side challenges. We settle for expressions of "if only . . . " (fill in the blank). Excuses, really, that allow us temporary permission to sidestep our obligations; excuses that provide us an odd refuge from doing what must, or should, be done.

This post is resoundingly short. Deliberately. I want to give my readers plenty of time to think about the moral dilemma before us all. I want each of us to consider, and answer, "what can be done to advance American public education?" And "what role should I play in this enterprise?" Not for us. Not in the interests of a system. But, for the children who are depending on our informed wisdom of thought. And our action. Thought and action.

What is The Education Kids Deserve? Let's define it. Let's build it. What if we really cared enough to engage in some meaningful action?

What if we spoke with our child's teacher?

What if we share our concerns with the principal of our child's school?

What if we met with the district superintendent?

What if we engaged members of our local school board?

What if we reached out to our elected legislative officials?

What if . . . ?

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